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Data is at the heart of effective marketing. Everything we do is powered by this truth, all pointed at one goal: growing your business.  

Harnessing the power of data at every point.

Connexio is your long-term data partner, creating foundational data on which to build your business.

Our team of analysts and data scientists enhances your current CRM and creates effective prioritization models for new prospects.

Each data point is made actionable across channels, giving you and your sales team fuel to win online and off.

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Increasing Brand Recongnition and Favorability

A leading national manufacturer of store-brand, white-labeled infant formula, across Wal-mart, Amazon, Target, Costco, and CVS.

Challenge: Our brand competed for share of voice and share of wallet with the major national big brand producers of infant formula. The manufacturer faced the additional challenge of providing its product to not one, but several big box stores. These stores white-labeled the product for sale under their own name and logo. The job to be done involved raising awareness, consideration, and recommendation of store brand infant formula among healthcare providers (HCP’s). Which included not only pediatricians, but nurses, dieticians, office managers and many others).

Solution: Through a data-first approach, Connexio identified and gathered a complete universe of targets, and communicated to each segment with customs messages, across multiple marketing channels and formats. Our data team applied prioritization analytics to continually optimize our approach.

Data Analytics Case Study