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Digital Marketing Case Study

Optimizing Digital Strategy With Multichannel Marketing

Challenge: A client was well known in the Oncology space as a distributor of ambulatory infusion pumps. Our client was looking to expand their reach and drive leads in their other areas of the business. They had struggled to reach their audience in a competitive B2B landscape and connecting efforts across media channels.

Solution: 1st and 3rd party data were combined to enable us to form a strong foundational target for each brand. The targets were then activated against with a custom multi-channel paid media strategy. Our paid media strategy combined search, social media, publisher partnerships, email, and digital display. Using this cross-channel strategy allowed us to compliment consumption habits and preferred channels of various targets. The introduction of a strong paid search presence captured market demand. Site activity was finally segmented into retargeting pools based on client behavior. Throughout the course of the campaign, we were able to utilize real-time performance data to optimize each channel and contribute to cross-channel retargeting efforts.

Marketing Case Study